We draw energy from fresh air and cold water. So that you can save time and money.

AT WINNS ENERGY we draw energy from fresh air and cold water. This is our contribution to the greatest joint effort on earth. We develop solutions which use clean and renewable energy – air and water – to heat and cool large buildings. One of the world’s simplest and most powerful climate measures. If, from today, all buildings started using clean energy centrals – we call it local heating – we’d reduce greenhouse gas emissions on Earth by 20 percent tomorrow. All you need is a subscription. And we’ll take care of the rest. No word of a lie.

Winns Energy. Air, water and honesty.

We draw energy from fresh air and cold water. So that you can save time and money.

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Our clean energy stations are suitable in all larger buildings with hydronic heating. For example hotels, industrial buildings, corporate buildings and housing cooperatives.

Did you know that heating of buildings accounts for 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions? In comparison, all of the world’s air traffic only accounts for 2 percent.

When you become a customers with Winns Energy, we install an energy station in your building. It produces clean, renewable energy – both for heating and cooling.

We cover the investment cost, operate and maintain the station and are responsible for all risks. Simply put, you enjoy all the benefits. Honestly.

Winns Energy. Air, water and honesty.

Coupled with renewable energy sources and building structures designed for efficiency, heat pumps can eliminate almost all emissions from heating and cooling.

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About Winns

Winns Energy was established to contribute to the greatest joint effort on earth. Drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Clean energy stations in large buildings are among the world’s most powerful climate measures.

Therefore, our contribution is inexpensive, locally produced and renewable energy, for heating and cooling of buildings. We are knowledge workers with a high level of expertise and extensive experience in renewable energy.

We are passionate about solving the climate crisis. With air, water and honesty.

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How we produce climate friendly energy

We install clean energy stations that use what is referred to as natural heat pumps to product heating and cooling.

100% natural

Heat pumps do not work without a gas. In traditional heat pumps, artificial gasses are used which unfortunately contribute to global warming.

CO2 in the air

Our natural heat pumps capture and use the most climate neutral and natural gas that exists; CO2, which is in the air.

0 emission

It is like carbonating a soft drink. Once we release what has been captured, the carbon footprint is zero

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